Little Girl

Fun with the Color Purple

Purple has always been Dr. David’s favorite color. A long time ago we started giving an extra prize out to anyone who wore something purple to their visit. And to be fair, because some people don’t have any purple clothes, or wear a school uniform to their visit, we also give an extra prize to anyone who tells us they are thinking purple! That way, any child can get an extra prize every time they come as long as they think, or wear, purple. If they wear purple, they can have their picture taken and it will go on “Dr. David’s Purple Wall Of Fame.”

Many children have a great time with this. Parents will tell us their child spends days before their visit getting their purple outfit ready. Some will wear purple from head to toe. Some who don’t have anything purple to wear are very inventive. We’ve had children bring purple stuffed animals. One boy ate something purple and came in sticking his tongue out so we could see his purple tongue. One girl wrote “I love Dr. Dave” in purple marker on her arm. One family with boys who didn’t have purple clothes wrote a poem (in purple ink, of course) about how they didn’t have purple to wear, but were thinking purple. It’s all meant to have fun. So, remind your children to either wear something purple, or tell us they are thinking purple, so they can earn their extra prize for the day!

By the way, any child, whether they are wearing purple or not, can have their photo taken to join all the smiling faces on Dr. David’s office walls. If we get busy, or forget to ask if you want your photo taken, please feel free to speak up and ask us to take your picture. Everyone loves to see themselves, or friends they know, smiling up on our walls!

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